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Lullula Music is a digital and in-person studio for early childhood music education that supports your child's earliest development. Our digital and in-person classes begin from birth and develop with your child through age five.

At Lullula, professional musicians lead your child in musical experiences full of singing, magic, play, and joy. Classical music and individualized, attentive teaching come together with our structured curriculum for an impact that lasts a lifetime.

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In a Lullula class...

Whether in our digital studio or in-person, our classes are structured, age-appropriate, and joyful.

What do we learn in class?
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We’ll teach your child and you playful and age-appropriate ways to develop an intuitive,  musical connection to your body, breath and movement.

We help your child develop skills like active listening, vocal discovery, and expressive movement in the context of theater, play, and song.

What concepts do you teach?
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Inspiration and models for our teaching come from established pedagogies such as Dalcroze Eurythmics and Kodály method– as well as Alexander Technique, breath work practices, and, of course, classical singing and vocal technique.

Who teaches the classes?
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We think a good model is worth a thousand words: Lullula classes always feature vibrant, live music from professional musicians.

Individually-focused instruction from professional singer-teachers helps to lead the way and inspire. You can read our biographies below!

What kind of music is in class?
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Our first love is classical music – you’ll hear lots of our favorite repertoire in class – but we also feature a range of traditional and non-traditional repertoire, including various communal singing practices from around the world (and we love it all).

Do I need to have any experience to join?
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No! Previous musical experience is not required for any of our classes.

Why do you start so early?
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Our offerings are currently for ages 0-5 years. Babies as young as 4 weeks old have attended classes and concerts with us, and our digital materials are designed to be started as early as possible, with both audio and video options.

Additionally, prenatal classes are coming in 2024.

Research into the early developing brain shows that music has a powerful effect, even before birth. Singing with a beloved caretaker has been shown to increase the speed of brain development in babies.

Our curriculum incorporates research into early childhood education and music: singing, playing, and music-making not only accelerate early brain development, but shape the whole child, supporting the development of language, cognitive, social-emotional, and both fine- and gross-motor skills.



Lydia began her musical education at age three on the violin. Since receiving a Fulbright Performing Arts Grant for study in Switzerland, she has been active as a freelance soprano in Europe, premiering roles in contemporary operas and singing on award-winning albums for SONY, harmonia mundi, CPO and others.

In addition to her artistic activities, Lydia has previously worked in higher-education administration at Brown University and the Barenboim- Said Akademie in Berlin. Lydia founded Lullula as a new mother – returning to singing following the birth of her first child, she was inspired to create a space for vocal exploration and discovery in motherhood, very early childhood, and beyond.

Lydia, founder of Lullula Music
Phoebe teacher at Lullula Music


During her time at Bristol University studying Music and Italian, mezzo-soprano Phoebe specialized in Medieval and Renaissance culture, later forming the early music ensemble Tetra.

Phoebe went on to live and train in Berlin and now enjoys using her voice for a range of different repertoire from ancient and modern music, through to folk and electronic. She is interested in performance art and continues to explore this through contemporary projects and Alexander Technique.



The Franco-German singer Marine Madelin comes from a musical family. Her enthusiasm for singing led her to the Parisian music college, where she discovered her passion for the stage. After the Baccalauréat she started her studies at the Musikhochschule in Freiburg. She finished her Masters degree in 2021 at the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler in Berlin.

In September 2021 she won the 1. Prize of the John Cage Interpretation Award. Since 2016 she is supported by the Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now Foundation, which supports young artists in Berlin.

Marine teacher at Lullula Music

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